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Halloween Makeup by NetherStray
Halloween Makeup
Hello, followers! I've been a little less than artistic lately. Many apologies, but here's something to try and make up for it. I painted my face for Halloween this year, as opposed to the mask I wore last year. It stayed on quite well! 
Ulrich funerary urn colored by NetherStray
Ulrich funerary urn colored
The uncolored version of this was drawn on grid paper. You're not missing anything by me not posting it!

This is Emil's older brother, Ulrich. His remains, at least. Schwur funerary urns, since cremation is always the way to be interred, generally have a portrait of the deceased on the lid. Regular people usually have something resembling more of a canopic jar, with the portrait as just a head on a small jar. Royalty, on the other hand, have much more extravagant urns. The urn, far larger than it needs to be to hold the ashes, becomes a pedestal for a life size bust of the deceased. 

Ulrich's urn is not embellished much, since his life ended before he could accomplish much. His urn is decorated with the Enanjir--Schwurstadt's symbol--and a carefully carved stole signifies his royal status. He wears the actual livery collar he earned when seeking his right to rule. As other royals before him, he hunted and killed a bear and made a necklace of its claws, but was unfortunately unable to claim his throne. This accomplishment was interred with him. 

After an assassin tried to take his father's life, Ulrich got in the way of the assassin's blade and took the mortal wound himself. The assassin's nationality was discovered to be Svetch, and thus began a war between the Svetch and Schwurs, won decisively by the Schwurs. Ulrich's death left his younger brother Emil as his father's only heir, and assured Emil's rule would be troubled by the war's repercussions.
Commander Tercero colored by NetherStray
Commander Tercero colored
Didn't really upload the uncolored version. Should I? I'm not sure. As a side note, this guy's hair is based on what my own hair was doing one day. It looked ridiculously anime and I had to use it as inspiration.

This is Commander Tercero of Bastion de Sangre. On his shoulder is a clasp bearing his bastion's seal, the sun between two arcing mountains. These two mountains watch over Sangre in its secluded valley on the far eastern edge of Sierra de Garra. Not many visit the bastion unless they need to get away from the world. It is its own little microcosm, containing almost everything it needs and importing very little. Bastion de Sangre is not very widely known to the rest of the world. It's on maps, it's clearly part of Sierra de Garra's unified bastions, but few visit or leave.

The upper echelon of Bastion de Sangre have particular needs. Needs they do not make known to the rest of the world, nor the lower class of the bastion. Commander Tercero is privy to these needs, but does not share the information with others. He is the upper echelon's liaison to the rest of the bastion and, at times, the rest of the nation. He wears strange clothes with strange designs and carries a strange weapon for his strange fighting style. Castillo de Luna asked for a military advisor from the bastion for an important meeting. Castillo de Luna will just have to take the bastion's word for it. Tercero is one of their best. No further questions, please, and send him home immediately.
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Yes, you certainly can. I've always been iffy about payment for commissions though, so let me lay out the reasons. 
  1. PayPal is annoying. If something happens to the money you're expecting to receive, tough shit, because their customer service is terrible. Also, if done incorrectly, PayPal takes a percentage of it. 
  2. I have to be paid up front. I just do. I've been burned before in cases where I'll allow a friend to pay after the work is complete (but before I give them the piece) and they decide they've changed their mind. If I do the work, I get paid, and up front payment is the only way to really ensure that.
  3. It sometimes takes a lot of time to get something done correctly. Please, please, please have patience! Sometimes I just can't get my head in the right space to do a good job on a drawing, so I'll ask for a little more time to get it right. I am by no means a professional and my creativity and "flow" are hard to switch on whenever I want. Just remember: if these were easy things for me to do at will, I'd have written an entire book, made three Minecraft resource packs, and would have many other projects complete!
When commissioning me, there are some things that you can do in order to make sure I have my head in the right mindset when drawing your character.
  • Describe them as best you can to me. What do they do? What kind of personality do they have? Are there any mainstream characters from movies or games that they're similar to?
  • Check out my other art. Most of my character work is in the Severnim and Warcraft folders of my gallery, and I try to keep my Finished Work folder up to date with drawings. When you find stuff you like, make a list of it and send it to me. I'll refer to those drawings to try and better understand what kind of piece you're after.
  • If you'd like a particular style of coloring, find an example and send it my way. I'm willing to try anything and I'll give you a sample before working on the entire piece to make sure you're satisfied.
Halfway through the work, I always give a preview to see if any changes need to be made. 
  • DO: Specify which small details need to be added, expressions changed, or any other small changes that need to be made. Use my previous work as a preview for the finished work.
  • DO NOT: Ask for the entire thing to be redone, ask for a different character altogether (unless it's a matter of just adding some pointy ears or other small changes), insult my work, or demand that I work as fast as another artist. If there are any problems due to me being the one to do the work, then the solution is to commission someone else.


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Stock and Lineart rules:

You are free to use things I post. If you use something for profit, you must speak with me to negotiate a price first. If you use something for no profit, go ahead and use it as long as you link the original in your comment and link your work in the original's comments.

I'm a former student currently figuring out just what the hell I want to be in school for. I'm a World of Warcraft player and roleplayer.

I do commissions! A dollar for a simple sketch, five for more complex, ten for inked, and fifteen for full color.

I run these sites:
Wildheart Fanfiction (… )
Silent Hill Directory (… )
I would love to make my own game, but I realize that's probably never going to happen. Maybe writing will work out instead. I like dogs and cats and have two cats. I live with my mum and have an older sister. My mother and father are divorced.

Current Residence: I keep my stalkers restricted to the internet.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium or large
Favourite style of art: objective. modern art is best as furniture. I'm not a big fan of "fine" art either.
Operating System: iMac
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Skin of choice: I prefer to keep it on my body
Personal Quote: "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

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